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Ritinis is a team sport that originated in Lithuania, which is the only country where the sport is currently played. Ritinis is mostly played on a football (soccer) field, between two teams with seven players on each team. Six players play as strikers and one player is designated as the goal keeper. The goalposts used are of the same size as that used for football.

The equipment required to play the sport are:

The game play involves, one team throwing the disc towards the opponent's goal line, where the opponents stop the disc with the bat and throw the disc back towards the attacking teams goal.

A ritinis match is played for 40 minutes, in two 20-minute period with a half-time break format. The objective of the sport is to throw the Rypka through the opponent’s goalposts; which results in 3 points, or behind the opponent’s goal line which results in 1 point. The team with the most points is the winner.

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