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Rally Raid (Cross-Country Rally)

Cross-country rally racing, more commonly known as rally raid, is an extended form of rally racing, conducted on an off-road course which spans across one or more countries. A single race may last for three to fifteen days, where drivers travel about 900 kms every day. Winners are decided based on the driver that has the lowest accumulated time for the entire course.

Each cross-country rally competition has races for multiple vehicle classes. Each vehicle class is split into multiple groups. Three types of vehicles classes used for racing and their groups are:

Dakar RallyDakar Rally

The most popular rally raid competition is the Dakar Rally which is conducted annually. The other major competition is the FIA Cross Country Rally World Cup which consist of a series of rally raid races to decide a championship winner. Most cross-country races have a only a few professional, armaturs make up the rest of the field.


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