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Qianball is a racket and ball based sport developed in China which can be best described as a mix of aspects from Tennis and Squash. The sport originated for Chinese Qianlongball.

The court used for qianball consists to two rectangular areas, called the player zone and the ball zone, separated by a net. The player zone measures 7.6 x 7.8m and the ball zone measures 10 x 12m. The player zone is further split in to three zones, a net zone, a right service zone and a left service zone.

The equipment required to play the sport are, a weighted ballbag or a floor embedded hook, quinball racquets, and a quinball with rubber band.

The game can be played in a singles or doubles format. All players involved are on the same side facing the net. The ball bag or hooks is placed 2.1m from the net in a sport called the Qianball point to which the end of the quinball rubber band is attached. The game play consists of striking the quinball without allowing it to bounce on the ground on the player zone. The ball is allowed to bounce once on the ball zone.

Points are awarded to a team if the opponent allows the ball to bounce. A match is played in a three 15-point set format.

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