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Powerboat Racing

Powerboat racing is a sport in which ocean-going powerboats races with each other. Powerboat racing came into existence as a sport in 1904, when a race started from southeastern coast of England to Calais, France.

A combination of private funding and some commercial sponsors sponsor this amazing adventure sport. In this sport, several powerboats takes part in it from all around the world.

There are various formats of this modern era sport.

Offshore Powerboat Racing

Offshore powerboat racing is an extreme motor boat racing sport that involves the racing of powerboats on oceans. The sport originated in Great Britain in the early 20th century and is currently popular in the United States, Australia and Europe.


Offshore powerboats are divided into several classes based on engine capacity. The most powerful boats are classified as Class 1, which are about 12-14m long, 3.5m wide, with V12 engines, that can reach speeds of 160mph. Races are conducted on specially designed courses and involves completing a fixed number of laps. The number of laps for races will vary based on the class of the boats raced.

The three major competitions held for the sport are,

Inshore Powerboat Racing

Another form of powerboat racing is inshore racing. In thise version, the powerboats are raced in sheltered or inland stretches of water, including sheltered bays, lakes and rivers. It is often referred to as circuit powerboat racing because the races often use the format of a circuit loop, where the boats race around a circuit for a number of pre-determined laps.

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