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Paddleboarding is a type of paddle sport. A person sits upon a board in a prone or kneeling position and propels themselves through the water using their hands. A variation of paddleboarding is stand-up paddleboarding, where the person stands on the board and uses a paddle to move.

Paddleboarding Paddleboarding

Paddleboards are divided by length into three classes: Stock (12 foot), 14 Foot, and Unlimited. The unlimited size usually refers to longer boards, which are faster but be difficult to handle in choppy water

Paddleboarding is usually performed in the open ocean, with the participant paddling over long distances to cross between islands or journey from one coastal area to another. It is one of the disciplines of ironman surflifesaving.

One of the most famous paddleboard races is the Molokai-2-Oahu Paddleboard World Championships, a race across the across the Ka'iwi Channel in Hawaii.

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