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Kneeboarding is an exciting water sport that requires a participant to be pulled along the surface of the water on a convex board that is hydrodynamically shaped. Knee boarding is also done on a surf style board that has wings.

Riders use the board by kneeling on it and sitting on their heels, and then use a Velcro strap over their thighs for security to the deck. Fins under the board enable easy surface spins.

The knee ski, co-invented by Mike Murphy and Bud Hulst in 1972, was the first-ever commercially available water ski kneeboard. The original knee ski was actually made of molded fiber glass.


Riding is the knee boarding trick that requires you to extend your arms as much as you can and the strap is tighter than usual. Turning is a knee boarding trick that enables the rider to tightly grasp the tow rope and then lean on to one side. This will take the rider outward from the boat’s wake. Jumping the wake is a technique that is performed by cutting out of the wake and then getting farther from the boat.

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