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A ball sport game popular in New Zealand played with ki- a small and round ball. The traditional maori game is quite similar to Rugby and netball being fast paced and having rules similar to these games.

It comprises of two teams with seven players each and the game is played on a circular field with concentric circles that is divided into zones. The outer zone is 12 metres wide and is known as Te Ao, the middle zone is 6 metres wide and is Te Roto. The central zone is Te Motu.

The players score points as they touch pou and tupu. The game has different rules. There is a process that is called tatu. Tatu decides the rules that the two teams would be using in Ki-o-rahi.

The game is known to have been played for centuries.  Many benefits can be extracted from playing the game including side stepping, running, blocking, communication, team work flag ripping skills. Accurate passing using a single hand or with both hands. The opponent teams are called Kioma and Taniwha. The main objective of Kioma team is to ensure that it scores tries called tupu Manawa whereas the opponent team makes an effort to score hits known as tupu wairua on a centre target that is known as tupu. The team to score more points wins the game.


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