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Formula Racing

Formula racing is a motorsport which can involve several forms of open-wheeled single seat vehicles. The origin of this sport lies in the nomenclature which was later adopted by the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) for all of its post-World War 2 single-seater formulae. The best known form of this sport is Formula One, Two and Three. The Formula 3 and GP2 categories of this sport are defined as feeder formulae.

There are basically two primary forms of formula racing, one is open formula which allows you a choice of chassis or engines and the control of the formula which relies on a single supplier for the engines and chassis. Formula racing is further divided into 4-tiers in which every driver competes after getting experience from the first tier to the next.

Formula racing carFormula racing car

Indycar is another open-wheeled single seat vehicle racing that is popular in the USA.


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