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Demolition Derby

Demolition derby is a type of motorsport which are usually held at country fairs and festivals. The competition involves drivers hammering their vehicles against each other. The last vehicle which is still operational is the winner.

Thousands of such events are held around the US every year. The event starts with the driver's cars lined up in a circle on a dirt field, surrounded by a four-foot high wall of mud.

As the siren sounds, the cars begin crashing into each other. Helmets and seat belts must be worn, but other than that there does not seem to be other rules.

The competitions have different sets of rules, it is often pertaining to how much welding can be done and the class of the vehicle like for example compacts, trucks, minivans, full vans, and newer cars. Most competitions require the driver to be above 16 years old. The drivers should have a seat belt and a helmet.

Demolition Derby Demolition Derby in the mud

Some rules require some drivers to have roll over bars and cages inside the vehicle. The rules usually allow the drivers to crash into another vehicle every two minutes. If not, they can be labeled as sandbagging and they can be disqualified. Hitting another driver in the door intentionally can also make a driver disqualified. A competition can also have the maddog, meaning the car giving the best show.

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