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Moscow Broomball

Moscow broomball is a variation of Broomball, a team sport similar to ice-hockey, that is played on an ice surface without skates. The sport is played only in Moscow and only by non-Russians.

The sport is played on tennis courts that have water frozen on top. The playing area is cleared of snow and is usually collected on the side to form a barrier. Makeshift goalposts are erected on both the ends. Unlike hockey, players do not wear any skates to play broomball. Players use sticks to move the ball, but the sticks used are much smaller, and are wielded using a single hand. The sticks are fastened to the player’s hand using a band. The ball used is a small plastic ball.

A match is played between two teams with six players on each team, for three 20-minute periods. One player per team is designated as a goalkeeper, who does not use a stick, and is always supposed to be in a kneeling position. Players are not allowed to use their hands to move the ball, but are allowed to stop it with their hands. The team with most goals at the end of the match wins it.

Broomball is regarded by spectators as a funny sport where players slip and fall very frequently.

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