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Nine-Pin Bowling

Though Tenpin Bowling is currently the most popular form of the game in the US, nine pin once held that position. In the 1930s several cities in the US banned nine-pin bowling because workers were taking time off to play it rather than turning up for work. As a result, tenpin bowling became so popular in the US, and nine pin is now only played in parts of Texas in the US. Ninepin bowling is still currently played in Europe, and is the most popular form of bowling there.

Here are the rules of nine pin, as written up in a old fashioned bowling alley in Victoria's Sovereign Hill, a recreated mining town.

scoring for nine pin bowling

A Description of the Game

The nine pins are set in a diamond formation. The center pin, painted red, is called the King Pin.

The player stands in the delivery area and bowls a ball up the center of the alley, hard enough to knock down the skittles at the far end.

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