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Flight Archery - Shoot for Distance

Flight archery is an archery sport in which the aim of the individual is to shoot the arrow the longest distance. In this sport you will not be requiring any accuracy or penetrating power to hit your target. It is usually played in a huge flat area such as an aerodrome.

flight archery - shooting for distanceflight archery - shooting for distance

This sport has some modern rules in which the flight archers have to shoot in various weights and classes. A flight archer will have to shoot six arrows at every end and after that will have to search for all of them. According to the rules in the UK, there are only four ends in one shoot. At the end of the shoot, the flight archers will have to stay by or mark their furthest arrow while the judges and their assistants measure the distance covered by their shot arrow.

In this sport, the flight archers usually use various specially designed bows and use carbon arrows. Moreover, shafts of the carbon arrows are designed in such a manner that they cover more distance compared to a simple arrow.

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