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Pall-mall, which comes from the French name paille maille and the Italian pallamaglio, was a lawn game which was played between the 1500's and the 1600's. It was developed in France, and it was inspired by the French game of jeu de mail.

The sport is a precursor to croquet, and also related to the Italian trucco, which is lawn billiards in English. The term pall-mall comes from the Italian word pallamaglio, which means mallet ball. Pall-mall used to be played in an alley, there was a iron hoop suspended over the ground at the other end.

The goal was to strike a boxwood ball using a heavy wooden mallet. The players had to strike the ball down the alley and through the hoop, the winner being the one to do so with the fewest hits. This game was popular in Italy, France, Scotland and England. The term pall-mall also refers to the mallet used and the alley where the game is played. This game is closer to golf than ground billiards.

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