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Crossage - Belgium Street Golf

Crossage, (or Jeu de crosse, choule or chole), is a traditional medieval Belgian golf-like sport played on the streets. A game involves several targets, but there is no fixed route to follow. The players decide on a target, and try to reach it in an agreed number of strokes.

The game is played between two teams of two, using an elliptical wooden ball called the 'choulette', hit with an iron-headed club.

Once a target has been decided upon, one team (the 'chouleurs'), tries to reach this target in the agreed number of strokes. The other team (the 'déchouleurs'), will try to prevent the first team from achieving their goal by hitting, in turn, the ball away from the goal or put it in a difficult position for the next shot.

crossage player aiming for the targetcrossage player aiming for the target

If the chouleurs achieve their objective they win, if not, the déchouleurs team is the winner. The team that has won the most challenges at the end of the match is declared the winner.

There is an annual crossage event in the city of Chièvres which takes place annually on Ash Wednesday, where wooden mallets are used to hit the ball towards the targets - which are metal beer kegs set up around town.

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