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Knattleikr is an old game that is known to have been played by Vikings of Iceland. No one knows the exact rules of the game today but there is a little information about the rules of the game that was once played.

For playing Knattleikr, players were divided into the teams. The game was played with a hard ball. Players used stick to hit the ball and hands were also used for the same purpose. In order to fight for the ball, body contact was permitted and the strongest team therefore had more chances to win.

Tournaments were arranged and a large number of spectators came to watch the game. Every team had a captain. The game was played from morning till night, such was the long duration of the game. There were penalties along with a penalty box.

The playing field was an ice covered surface. It is conjectured that the Vikings might have made use of sand or tar under their boots to get better traction.

Knattleikr is reenacted today by Norse culture enthusiasts. This game is also played in Brandeis University, Providence College and Yale University. In April 2007, the first New England intercollegiate knattleikr competition was held.

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