Cuju is an ancient ball game which is played in China. It is a ball sport which involves kicking a ball through an opening into the net. Using your hands are not allowed in this game.

There are two main styles of cuju, the zhuqiu and the baida. Zhuqiu was done at feasts which will celebrate the emperor’s birthday or international events. In this type, two teams play with 12 to 16 players each. Baida went popular in the Song Dynasty. In this type, scoring goals used methods like playing in a field enclosed using thread, and the players alternately kick the ball within the set limits.

The winner is decided depending on the number of fouls of a player and the team with the most points. Points are deducted for some faults, for example, when a ball is not passed far enough to reach the other member. Low points are scored when the ball is kicked too low or kicked at the wrong moment.


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