Austus is a hybrid sport which was created in Australia during World War II when soldiers stationed there from the USA wanted to play football against the Australians.

The name comes from the first four letters of Australia (AUST) and the initials of the United States (US).

Many Austus matches were played during the WWII period in Australia, but unfortunately when the US soldiers went home the game was not continued.


Austus Details

A set of rules for the new game were drawn up by Ern Cowley, baseball editor of the Melbourne Sporting Globe, obviously utilizing his knowledge of both games. The composite rules consisted of throwing (which is not allowed in AFL) and kicking (which is rarely used in American Football). They used an American Football, which is designed better for throwing. The American tended to throw the ball while the Aussies kicked it, but the games were competitive and large crowds came to watch.

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