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Basketball Technique: Shooting Tips

I have never met a basketball player who did not want to become a better shooter. However, many players don’t understand how to get better, especially young players. Just grabbing a ball and shooting for a while is not enough to get you better. Below are a few hints that I hope will help.

Have a plan for your workout. How many shots will you take, from where and how will you, what drill will you do?

The three most important things to improve your basketball shooting are technique, repetitions and confidence. While drilling, don’t be concerned about missing. Treat makes and misses the same way, just look forward to your next shot. Try to take each shot perfectly. You want repeatability in your shot, take every shot the same way. Take as many shots as you can. First take them all in a row, 50 from the corner, 50 from the wing, etc. Then take them in circuits, pick 10 spots and take 1 shot from each spot, go around 10 times.

Try to work at game speed in game situations. Don’t just throw the ball at the basket. Use your imagination. Picture yourself in a game and shoot in situations that you will be in. Invent competitive games, such as “Beat the Pro,” or “Plus/Minus,” to motivate yourself and get you going hard. Often, players can shoot well when at a casual pace but they can’t handle the increased tempo of a game. If you practice at game speed it will be easier to adjust.

shooting a basketballshooting a basketball

Practice receiving the ball, as well. In studying 1000s of shots, I am convinced that shots are missed because players don’t know how to catch the ball and face the basket. Most players shoot and have a rebounder under the basket throwing the ball back out. That never happens in a game! Also, there is no need for the shooter to catch and then face the basket. Because the ball comes from the basket so the shooter is already turned when he receives the ball. Make your practice more realistic. Put your passer in a more realistic spot, on the top, on the wing, etc. When you practice your shooting, shoot, rebound, pass the ball out to the passer, make a cut to get the ball, receive and shoot. Not only will you be shooting under game conditions but you will be practicing the things that are necessary for your whole game.

Which drills you do to improve yourself is not so important as is the manner in which you do them. Game shots, game speed, game intensity, high repetition, proper technique and attention to detail in every workout will help you become a better player.

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