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AFL Combine Results 2014 State Screening

Here are a selection of fitness test results from the State Screening part of the 2014 AFL draft combine. In addition to the players that were tested in Melbourne, the next level of players are invited to attend a state combine event (see list of players tested)

The protocol used is slightly different, at the state screenings the players have just one day compared to the national combine where the tests were spread over several days with much more time for recovery. Compare the results below to the top national draft camp results for 2014.

Selected Results - WA

18 WA players attended the State Draft Combine held at Revolution Sports in Shenton Park on October 12.

Selected Results - SA

State Draft Combine was be held in Adelaide on October 11 for players nominated by up to four AFL clubs.

Selected Results - VIC

A state draft combine was held in Melbourne on October 4 at Etihad Stadium, for 50 players from Victoria, NSW and Queensland, who were nominated by up to four AFL clubs.

20m sprint

Beep Test: Daniel Coghlan (Essendon VFL) 14.8

? Sean McLaren 97cm in the running leap


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