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AFLW Combine Results for 2019

Here are the top fitness test results from the Women's AFL 2019 AFL draft combine. The testing was held from October 1-2, 2019, with 48 players tested (see player list).

The fitness tests were conducted at variuos locations in Melbourne, held under the direction of the staff from the Australian Institute of Sport (same as the men's combine).

20 Meter Sprint Result (seconds)

The results published on listed Roxanne Roux's in 3rd place, but her score is second fastest. We are not sure which is correct.

Rank Result (seconds) Name
1 3.210 Nicola Xenos (Vic Metro)
2 3.250 Roxanne Roux (Western Australia)
3 3.258 Olivia Divilly (Ireland)
4 3.299 Vikki Wall (Ireland)
5 3.307 Hannah Munyard (South Australia)

Standing Vertical Jump (cm)

Rank Height (cm) Name
1 59 Roxanne Roux (Western Australia)
2 58 Molly Denahy-Maloney (Vic Metro)
3 53 Marguerite Purcell (Vic Metro)
4 52 Tahlia Hickie (Queensland)
5 51 Hannah Munyard (South Australia)

Agility Run Result (seconds)

Rank Time (seconds) Name
1 8.535 Elisabeth Georgostathis (Vic Metro)
2 8.651 Isabel Dawes (Queensland)
3 8.654 Roxanne Roux (Western Australia)
4 8.668 Hannah Munyard (South Australia)
5 8.696 Tarni White (Queensland)

Yo-Yo Intermittent Test

Rank Score Name
1 17.2 Olivia Divilly (Ireland)
2 16.8 Georgia Garnett (NSW/ACT)
3 16.4 Sophie Molan (Vic Country)
4 16.3 Paige Sheppard (Vic Country)
5 16.1 Serene Watson (Queensland)
  16.1 Luka Lesosky-Hay (Vic Country)
  16.1 Gemma Lagioia (Vic Metro)

2-km time trial test

Rank Time Name
1 7min 41sec Hannah Hillman (Queensland)
2 7min 48sec Olivia Divillly (Ireland)
3 7min 58sec Nicola Xenos (Vic Metro)
4 8min 1sec Gemma Lagioia (Vic Metro)
5 8min 9sec   Ella Wood (Vic Country)
6 8min 9sec   Tahlia Hickie (Queensland)

Source: the results were published on

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