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AFLW Draft Combine Results for 2018

Here are the top fitness test results from the Women's AFL 2018 AFL draft combine. The testing was held at Etihad Stadium from October 2-3, 2018, with 36 players tested (see player list).

The fitness tests were conducted at Etihad Stadium in Melbourne, held under the direction of the staff from the Australian Institute of Sport (same as the men's combine). The athletic testing was conducted on a purpose-built sports floor that was installed on a wing of the ground, with the kicking and handball tests taking place on the turf. 

Nina Morrison dominated the testing resultsd of the AFL Women's Draft Combine, finishing in the top five in six tests.

20 Meter Sprint Result (seconds)

Rank Result (seconds) Name
1 3.129 Emerson Woods (VM)
2 3.232 Sophie Van De Huevel (VC)
3 3.242 Charlotte Wilson (VM)
4 3.290 Madeline Brancatisano (VM)
5 3.299 Libby Haines (Tas)

Standing Vertical Jump (cm)

Rank Height (cm) Name
1 56 Charlotte Wilson (Vic Metro)
2 54 Rebecca Webster (Vic Country)
  54 Sophie Van De Huevel (VC)
4 52 Georgia Clarke (VC)
5 50 Nina Morrison (VC)
  50 Emerson Woods (VM)
  50 Rene Caris (VC)

Running Vertical Jump Result (cms) - best score from right and left foot takeoff jumps

Rank Height (cm) Name
1 70 Sophie Van De Huevel (VC)
2 68 Charlotte Wilson (VM)
3 66 Nina Morrison (VC)
4 65 Lauren Bella (Qld)
  65 Rebecca Webster (VC)

Agility Run Result (seconds)      

Rank Time (seconds) Name
1 8.788 Tyla Hanks (VC)
2 8.809 Olivia Purcell (VC)
3 8.859 Emerson Woods (VM)
4 8.878 Nina Morrison (VC)
5 8.891 Jordyn Allen (VC)

Yo-Yo Intermittent Test

Rank Score Name
1 18.1 Nina Morrison (VC)
2 16.7 Emerson Woods (VM)
3 16.5 Charlotte Wilson (VM)
4 16.3 Lauren Butler (VC)
5 16.2 Tyla Hanks (VC)

2-km time trial test    

Rank Time Name
1 7:14 Nina Morrison (VC)
2 7:29 Eleanor Brown (VM)
3 7:39 Emerson Woods (VM)
4 7:51 Libby Haines (Tas)
5 7:52 Lauren Butler (VC)

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