Zambian Institute of Sport

Zambia became an independent nation in 1964. It participated in the Summer Olympics in ninety sixty four as one of the promising teams. Zambia is known for its top class football team that has shown excellent performance in the Seoul Olympics of 1988.

Zambian Institute of Sport is the top Zambian sports institute that aims at providing world class training for career development of young sports professionals. It offers accreditation and research to upcoming athletes. Ever since its inception, the Zambian Institute of Sports has been producing some of the most noteworthy sportsmen in the Zambian sports. The sports complex has played a pivotal role in educating and coaching of athletes in the realms of competitive sports. The best victory of Zambia came when it won the African Nations Football Championship in 2012. Therefore, one of the objectives of the Zambian Institute of Sports is to train its athletes so they can win the internationals events like Olympics and Commonwealth Games.


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