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National Sports Training Center (NSTC), Taiwan

The National Sports Training Center is situated in Taiwan’s Tzuoying district. Covering the area of about 22 hectares, it’s famous as the most integrated sports center of the country. In the large area over 20 sports can be trained without any chaos.

Originally named Tzuoying Training Center, its origin dates back to 1976 when Tzuoying military base was borrowed for athletes training going to participate in Olympic Game. In 2000, its name was changed to National Sports Training Center (NSTC) aiming to fully implement the selection, supervision, training and competition activities for sportspersons.

In order to groom national level athletes and make them ready for international games, NSTC was officially acknowledged on January 2nd, 2001. Yuan as NSTC Executive brought organizational reforms in 2013 according to which center is now supervised by Sports Administration.

NSTC is an ideal place for athletes because of its improved and state of the art facilities offered. NSTC provides training facilities to athletes participating in Asian plus Olympic Games. It offers seasonal training programs for top ranked national athletes. Besides, it helps in training the high potential young athletes under its sports expansion programs.  

National Sports Training Center provides all required facilities to individual sports associations for their sports seminars. Taking step ahead, NSTC offers training services to sports teams from friendly countries.

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