Centre d'Alt Rendiment (C.A.R.) Madrid Spain

Centre d'Alt Rendiment (C.A.R.) Madrid Spain is a sports association based in Spain. The Association focuses on promoting sports in the country by providing excellent services to promote sports activities and to hunt the best talent and to polish them in the best way. The Institute works on all levels starting from School Sports, clubs and working with different associations at school level.

The Institute also takes part in University level sports. It is beneficial as it offers the recreational platform for athletes. Centre d'Alt Rendiment (C.A.R.) Madrid Spain focuses towards Sports Technification which involves aiming on development of sports services, coaching needs, facilitating sports persons and even including Remote services including high quality electronic equipment for promoting sports.

The institute also focuses on rewarding sportsmen to encourage spirit and desire for improvement. To stop racism and violence in sports according to Spain and International laws, a committee looks after all such matters. They also organize different sort of surveys to sort data for analytical purposes, whatever methodologies and trends are in demand. Moreover, Centre d'Alt Rendiment also focuses on promotion of Adapted Sports for disabled persons, including events and competitions for disabled people to keep their spirits high.

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