Centre d'Alt Rendiment (C.A.R.), Barcelona Spain

Located in Sant Cugat del Valles town of Barcelona in Spain, Centre d'Alt Rendiment (C.A.R.) is commercial organization supporting athletes to grow in their respective fields. Basic aim of this high performance center’s establishment is to provide competitive and optimized resources for value-added training of athletes. Technical Sports Assistant Direction domain of C.A.R deals with the high performance in different sports on an international level.

Keeping in view the imperative goal of producing outstanding sportspersons from Spain, C.A.R also provides accommodation as well as academic facilities to its registered individuals.  For this experienced tutors are engaged so that they can excel in their studies the same way they do in sports. This is because of the fact that C.A.R considers educational development as important as sports training.  

Centre d'Alt Rendiment is an autonomous organization having a financial contract with the High Sports Council. It’s also associated with General Secretary of Sport. National to international level teams can access the facilities and highly qualified staff offered by C.A.R.

If you are 14 years old or above, you can be a dynamic part of the center and can groom your sporting skills. Centre d'Alt Rendiment is a venue of choice for all sort of sports professionals and enthusiasts.

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