HPC University of Pretoria

HPC University of Pretoria in South Africa is famous among people of South Africa and all around the world for providing the perfect sports training environment in which many talented young sports men and women can enhance their skills in an integrated and holistic manner. It also provides the high quality standard facilities and expertise to the young students which will help the young students to enhance their talent and performance on provincial, international and national level.

Our commitment to the young students is to provide them the environment in which they can strengthen their skills and develop their talent. HPC provides the modern standard training services and facilities within the University of Pretoria. University also offers one of the best sporting services and facilities to the young students in the country. Moreover, it also helps the university to attract international professional athletes from different countries around the globe.

HPC also attracts local sporting persons for their training camps from other countries. HPC has become the most preferred sports training center in South Africa. It is also highly recognized with the significant number of International Sports federations in the world.

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