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Scottish Institute of Sport

from their website:

"The Scottish Institute of Sport was established in October 1998 to support the development of high performance sport in Scotland. A member of the sportscotland group of companies, the Institute is funded by the sportscotland Lottery Fund. In 2002, we moved to a new purpose built facility in Stirling which we believe will provide an inspirational environment and a focus for high performance coach development and learning. As our operational nerve center, the Institute's new home will promote excellence in Scottish sport, encouraging interaction and harnessing energy to develop a culture of shared knowledge and winning. As a dynamic, modern, forward thinking, and cutting edge organization, we aim to reflect these aims and this culture of excellence in everything we do."

"Some 195 of Scotland's top athletes have so far been selected for Institute support, which includes individually tailored programs to help them develop as world-class athletes. Dedicated programs in coaching (including training and competition programs), technical support, sports medicine, sports science, performance analysis, and Performance Lifestyle (formerly ACE UK) are all made available to our athletes within these programs."

The Scottish Institute of Sport, in Stirling Scotland The Scottish Institute of Sport, in Stirling Scotland

"There are nine core sports in the Institute: athletics, badminton, curling, football, golf, hockey, judo, rugby, and swimming. In addition, the very top Scots performers from other sports have been identified to be part of the Institute and its programs (as individual athletes)."

"Six Area Institutes have been established throughout Scotland. Their responsibility is to identify and nurture local talent through to Scottish Institute level. The six Area Institutes of Sport are: Central Scotland, East of Scotland, Grampian, Highland, Tayside and Fife, and West of Scotland. In addition, the Scottish Institute of Sport and the six Area Institutes of Sport are part of a UK-wide network of centers linked through the UK Sports Institute (UKSI). This system ensures that Scottish athletes have access to the very best support, wherever they are based."

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