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English Institute of Sport

from their website:

"The English Institute of Sport is at the forefront of the quiet revolution that will change the face of sport in this country. It is a nationwide network of world class support services, designed to foster the talents of our elite athletes. Services are offered from nine regional multi-sport hub sites and an evolving network of satellite centres."

"The range of services supplied by the EIS spans sports science and sports medicine. Support includes applied physiology, biomechanics, medical consultation, medical screening, nutritional advice, performance analysis, psychology, podiatry, strength and conditioning coaching, sports massage and sports vision. The Performance Lifestyle program provides supplementary career and education advice."

"The quality of the delivery is assured by the close relationship the EIS is developing with national governing bodies, performance directors, coaches, and the athletes themselves. Almost 2,000 competitors are currently in the EIS system. Funded by the Sport England Lottery fund, the EIS operates under the directorship of Wilma Shakespear, a pivotal figure in the development of the Australian Institute system. Her team includes deputy director Mike Calvin, a former award-wining sportswriter, and nine EIS regional managers, chosen for their depth of knowledge of the system. All embody the EIS ethos - making the best better."

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