Olympic Training Centre Papendal 

Formerly known as National Sports Centre Papendal, the Olympic Training Centre Papendal was originally built for Netherlandse Sport Federatie (NSF) - the confederation of all Netherland’s sport associations and sports linked organizations. It is the largest of the four Centres for Elite Sports and Education (CTO) in the Netherlands.

In 1971, the center was officially opened for sport; training sessions and courses, matches, scientific research. Covering the area of about 132 hectares, its buildings are surrounded by trees and shrubs (it’s situated in Veluwe woods) and it is about 8 km from the city of Arnhem.

This centre has a broad range of facilities to train Olympic athletes. Facilities for all outdoor and indoor games in Olympic Training Centre Papendal include:

Hotel, campsite, sport medical centre and laboratory for sports related research also adds great value to Olympic Training Centre Papendal.

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