Malaysia National Sports Institute (ISN)

The National Sports Institute of Malaysia (NSI) is an agency under the Ministry of Youth and Sports. The institute works to advance national sports science, medicine and technology in Malaysia. The main focus of the NSI is improving the performance of athletes and national sports.

The National Sports Institute is located within the National Sports Complex. The Institute is equipped with the latest technology including the Sports Medical Clinic, medical laboratory, radiology unit, physiotherapy, injury rehabilitation gymnasium, conditioning gymnasium, biomechanics hall, training hall, physiological laboratory, nutrition facilities, sports technology and sports massage and sauna. Also for Malaysian athletes, there is the availability of sports science facilities and know-how through the National Sports Institute’s (NSI) satellite centers.

The National Sports Institute (ISN for short) has been a separate entity from The National Sports Council of Malaysia (MSN) since 2007 (previously it was a Division of the MSN since its inception), were when they were separated administratively by the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Malaysia. The National Sports Institute of Malaysia (ISN) then obtained their own statutory status via the National Sports Institute Act 2011 and was gazetted on September 16th 2011.

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