Sport Institute of Finland Olympic Training Centre (Vierumaki)

Based in Vierumaki (Heinola), Sport Institute of Finland Olympic Training Centre is officially recognized training center of Sport Institute of Finland for national athletes. Though privately held but the activities of this training centre are partially state subsidized and operate under Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture. The sports institute is operated by Suomen Urheiluopiston Kannatusosakeyhtiö Ltd.

This centre was established to provide sports and physical education to talented individuals who dream to be part of Olympics in particular. Also, it is an official training center of the Finnish Olympic Committee. The Sport Institute of Finland is one of the leading institutes that offers sports coaching in Finland. It also excels in providing quality education to its scholars

This sports complex is well known for offering top quality coaching and training to the sportsmen at national and international level. The institute strives to inculcate education in the athletes who need to be guided with the academic approach. The core expertise of the institute lies in the realms of physical education and health-enhancing physical activity. The sports complex also specializes in providing top class sports coaching to the athletes in national and international arenas.

Key aim to develop this centre is to provide all necessary development services to train Finnish athletes in collaboration with various sports associations and international partners. Every year many athletes and coaches arrive at the centre for participating in different training and coaching programs for variety of sports. All participants are well accommodated and are provided with the best training environment and high quality services.   

Sport Institute of Finland Olympic Training center offers educational resources leading to vocational qualification for athletes. In addition to sports training and education, the centre provides facilities for health-enhancing physical activities. This training centre also offer versatile and excellent leisure-time sports camping, tournaments and courses for all age groups regardless of gender in cooperation with different sports clubs of Finland.


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