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WinSport - Canadian Winter Sports Institute

The Canadian Winter Sports Institute or WinSport Canada is a non-profit institute situated in Calgary, Alberta Canada. The purpose of the institute is to provide top class training to  Canada’s Olympic athletes. Other responsibilities of the institute include maintenance of the facilities developed in 1988 Winter Olympics. The Canadian Sports Institute was developed in 1956. It was established as the Calgary Olympic Development Association to promote the Olympics in Calgary.

The institute has been responsible for winning medals for Canada’s Olympic performances. The medals have been increasing ever since the participation of Canada in Winter Olympics of 1988. The total amount of medals have reached twenty-six following the Winter Olympics in 2010.

The WinSport Canada contains a number of facilities constructed in 1988 games. The most important facility is Canada Olympic Park. This leading facility of Canada’s first Center of Sports Distinction receives about more than million visitors each year. The facility also includes Canada’s Hall of Fame and well-known Museum.

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