Institute For Sports, Medicine, and Science (ISMB)

One of the most diverse institutes offering complete range of sport science services from physical fitness and training to health and medical facilities in Austria, is none other than the Institute for Sports, Medicine, and Science / Olympia Centre Austria.

Through its comprehensive and tough physical fitness training, and learning process, the institute ensures the enhancement and optimization of your stamina and endurance level, in addition to mastering the respective sport field. It offers a variety of higher sport study education programs out of which you can opt for any of your sport choices.

It also offers its consultancy and advisory services to not only its regular students, but also to other sports lovers. These services ensure you get the perfect health and dietary plans, no matter whether you are an athlete or want these services for the leisure of your life.

address: Johann-Steinböck-Str. 5 A-2344 Maria Enzersdorf, Austria


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