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Topend Sports Newsletter: 13 Jan 2017

Taking the First Step ...

January is the time for making resolutions in my house. I've started off the year with a bang and completed one of my bucket list items, going hang gliding. If I follow the usual progression, my motivation and goals for the year will soon fall by the wayside. I hope you have more success. Many people's resolutions are either to get fitter or lose weight. If that is you, here are a couple of tips to set you on the way.

If getting fitter is your goal, you should consider doing a fitness assessment. Getting a baseline measurement is just one of my Top-10 Reasons to Fitness Test. The initial fitness testing session can give you an idea of where your fitness levels are at the start of a program, so that future testing can be compared to this and any changes can be noted. You may not need to join a gym or pay a personal trainer to test yourself. I have details of several tests that can simply be performed at home which require minimal equipment.

If losing weight is your goal, you should first record your food intake. Just like doing a budget to help save money, if you record all the food you eat you can get a much better idea of where to make changes in your diet. You can download a free food diary recording sheet, and use these instructions to complete the forms. Analysing the data is more difficult, you may need to show a qualified dietitian who can analyse and interpret your food intake, although just writing down your daily food intake will force you to think consciously about what you are consuming, and keep you focused on your goals. Losing weight can often result from simply focusing on a healthier intake.

Good luck!
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  • Jan 14-Feb 5 African Cup of Nations football tournament in Gabon.
  • Jan 16-29 Australia Open tennis in Melbourne, Australia.
  • Jan 26-29 Extreme Sports Winter X Games in Aspen, Colorado, USA.
  • Jan 28-Feb 8 Winter Universiade in Almaty, Kazakhstan.
  • Feb 5 Super Bowl in Houston, Texas.
  • Feb 6-19 World Alpine Ski Championships in St. Moritz, Switzerland.
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