Sports Drinks for Recreational Runners

by Clare Wood

Sports drinks can be useful for hydrating and fuelling a run, or rehydrating and refuelling as part of recovery. What a recreational runner needs to be aware of is 'how challenging is your run?', and do you really need a 600ml bottle sports drink to refuel?

For example, a moderate paced run for one hour for an 65kg person might burn around 1000kJ - giver or take. A standard 600ml sports drink contains 600-800kJ. The answer could possibly be yes, IF ...

Clare hydrating keeping hydrated

Sports drinks can be a simple way to get the energy your body needs for exercising. If your runs are not so challenging, a better option would be the lower carbohydrate Sports Water range, or the No Calorie sports drink options.

Of course the other option is always food, like fruit or a milk drink consumed immediately afterwards, if you enjoy solid calories.

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