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Topend Sports Newsletter: 17 Dec 2014

Topend Sports News Alert #9

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Welcome to another newsletter from Topend Sports, online's ultimate sport and science resource. Our feature this week is about subliminal messages helping performance, plus other interesting news hand-picked for you.

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Subliminal Messages:Recent research has found that athletes shown subliminal visual cues (messages not consciously perceived) performed better on endurance exercise. Positive cues such as happy faces and action words 'go' and 'energy' resulted in longer exercise times compared to sad faces and inaction words. It will be interesting to see if this research translates to phone apps or Google Glass as another way to enhance performance (without hard training!). Read more discussion of this research on Medical Express.

The Versatile Pullup: The pull-up (also called a chin-up) is an excellent upper body training exercise and also a common measure of upper body strength. In addition to the full body weight pull-up from an overhead bar, there are several variations that enable those without the adequate upper body strength to do pull-ups. There are assisted pull-up machines in gyms, the squat pull-up and rubber band assisted pull-up. When it comes to fitness testing, the pull-up fitness test is equally versatile. Americans will be very aware of the pull up as it is part of the FitnessGram and President's Challenge school testing programs. When people are unable to do any pull-ups, alternatives such as an incline version and the flexed arm hang can be used.

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