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Fitness Testing Newsletter: Designing a Fitness Testing Program

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Designing A Fitness Testing Program

There are many factors to consider when designing a fitness testing program. First you need to identify the fitness components of performance, so that each of these can be specifically tested. For sport-specific testing this may include just a few different tests. For each of these components, standard tests should be used, which are known to have good validity, reliability and have available standards to ease interpretation. You will also need to consider equipment and staff availability, time and costs. It is not always an easy process.

To better understand how to put this into practice, you can look at some of the testing regimes that have been developed over years and have been refined through experience, research and discussion. Here is one such example, the Eurofit Fitness Testing Battery, which our European readers will be well aware of.

Eurofit Fitness Testing Battery

The Eurofit Physical Fitness Test Battery is a standardized test battery for school age children, devised by the Council of Europe, and has been used in many European schools since 1988. It is a set of physical fitness tests encompassing the range of physical fitness components. The test is designed so that it can be performed within 35 to 40 minutes, using very simple equipment.

The Tests

  1. Anthropometry: measures of height, weight, BMI, %body fat from skinfold thickness
  2. Flamingo Balance test: measures whole body balance
  3. Plate Tapping: measures speed of limb movement
  4. Sit-and-Reach: measures flexibility
  5. Standing Broad Jump: measures explosive leg power.
  6. Handgrip Test: measures static arm strength
  7. Sit-Ups in 30 seconds: measures trunk strength
  8. Bent Arm Hang: measures muscular endurance/functional strength
  9. 10 x 5 meter Shuttle Run: measures running speed and agility
  10. 20 m endurance shuttle-run: measures cardiorespiratory endurance

For more about the Eurofit Test, and links to the procedures for each of these tests, visit

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