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Fitness Testing Newsletter: 27 Dec 2007

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It has been a very busy month and this December newsletter only just makes it in time. In this issue we profile the SPARQ testing battery for a variety of sports.


What is SPARQ

The SPARQ Rating is a scoring system designed to measure sport-specific athleticism. The term SPARQ is derived from the first letters of the componets of fitness that is measured: Speed, Power, Agility, Reaction and Quickness. The rating is derived from results of various tests in each of those areas, with the scores combined and weighted using a sport-specific formula.

SPARQ Examples

There are tests developed for the sports of baseball, basketball, football (gridiron), soccer, 
hockey and boxing, which include sport-specific tests.

The most interesting tests are those developed for boxing and other contact sports. This battery of tests was also used to assess the boxers on the recent TV series 'The Contender'.

The Quick-Strike test measures the peak punch and striking output, using a 100-pound heavy bag while wearing gloves. The Punch Power uses the same equipment to measure the peak punch power during six punches. The Upper-Body Arm Crank test involves cranking an arm ergometer while standing, at maximum speed for two 15-second intervals against variable resistance. Peak and average upper body power is recorded. The Agility Jump measures the number of two-footed hops back and forth over a 12-inch hurdle for 45 seconds. And finally, the Light Board test involves standing on a Bosu™ ball and facing a light board, which displays a target light that moves to different cells across the board. The athlete tries to press as many active lights as possible out of 90. This test measures reaction time, hand-eye quickness and coordination.

For details about the tests for each of the sports, see

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