Host City: Nagano 1998

The 1998 Winter Olympic Games were held in Nagano, in the North of Japan, between Feb 7- Feb 22. This was the second Japanese Winter Olympics after Sapporo in 1972. There were 72 Nations represented, with a record 2176 participants competing in 68 events. New events for these games were snowboarding and women's ice hockey. Curling returned to the Winter Games after first being an event in 1924.

The Games got off to an disappointing start with heavy snowfalls, fog, avalanches and even a mild earthquake playing havoc with the timetables, especially for the alpine skiing events. In the medal table, the Germans came out on top with a total of 29 medals, including 12 gold ahead of Norway with 25 and 10 and Russia with 18 and nine (see the full 1998 Medal Tally).

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