Oldest Surviving Olympians (Summer Games)

Here is a list of who are believed to be the oldest surviving Olympians from all competitors at the Summer Olympic Games. The information may not always be up to date, as these people may have died (as old people tend to do). See also our list of the oldest and youngest Olympic competitors, and more Olympic Trivia.

Oldest Olympian

The oldest surviving Olympian is believed to be John Lysak, an American canoer who competed in the Olympic Games in 1936 in Berlin, who was born August 16, 1914. He competed in the Men's 10km Folding Kayak Doubles with Jimmy O'Rourke, placing 7th.

Previous Oldest Olympians were:

Oldest Surviving Gold Medalist

The oldest surviving Olympic Champion is believed to be Finnish skier Lydia Wideman who won gold in 1952 in the 10 kilometres cross-country at Oslo 1952. She turned 97 in 2018. Hungary's Ágnes Keleti is believed to be the oldest living Summer Olympic champion, she turned 97 in January 2018. She won 10 medals in gymnastics at Helsinki 1952 and Melbourne 1956, including five gold medals.

Previous Oldest surviving gold medalists were:


Source: the information on this page was originally sourced from data collected by a Wikipedia user Canadian Paul.

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