Royal Participants at the Olympics

The early Olympic competitions were limited to amateurs, like many sports in those days. Participation in sport was mostly by upper class citizens as only they would have the available leisure time and funds required. A group which undoubtedly could afford the time and expense to play sports is the royalty, a section of the population not usually associated with involvement in international sporting competitions.

There is a surprisingly high number of royal participants from past Olympic Games. Below is a listing of royal family members that have been to the Olympics as participants, many of them medalists. Not to forget the Ancient Olympics - Emperor Nero participated in the games of 67 AD - and of course he won every event he entered.

While searching for Olympic Royalty, I discovered there are many more Olympic Royals than are usually listed, some from quite obscure royal families and others who became royals after their Olympic success when marrying into Royalty. Here are those that I have found.

equestrian posterSummer Olympics Royalty

Winter Olympics Royalty

Somewhat Royals

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