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The Défi Sportif is a multi-sport international event particularly for disabled athlete – those who have auditory, physical, psychiatric, intellectual and visual disabilities. From young athletes to elite athletes from the Paralympic Games from many different countries can participate.

The Défi Sportif takes place every year in Montreal, Quebec, Canada in Montreal’s Complexe Sportif Claude-Robillard and other sites like Centre Pierre-Charbonneau, Collége de Maisonneuve, Mount Royal, Circuit Gilles Villeneuve and many more.

About 5,000 athletes from about 20 countries compete over seven days of competition.

Sports being contested in the championship include athletics, basketball, fencing, rhythmic gymnastics, rugby and many more.

The Défi Sportif was inaugurated on 19th April 1984 organized by the Regional Association for the Recreation of Disabled Persons of the Island of Montreal. By early 1990s, the Défi Sportif was officially an international sporting event. In the 1998 Défi Sportif, athletes came from France, Germany, Poland and Australia. The same year, the event was named “Quebec International Sports Event of the Year”.

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