Olympic Golf

Golf has twice made it into the Olympic Program, in 1900 and 1904. Golf is one of the world's mass participation sports, and after a long wait it has been voted back onto the Olympic program for the 2016 Games.

In 1900, there was a men's and women's individual event. The men men played two rounds (36 holes), summing the scores. The women played half a round (9 holes).

In 1904, men only competed, in the men's individual and the men's team event. They played a match play tournament rather than the stroke play of the previous Games. In 1904, there were several other golf events as part of the program, including a putting event, although only the two men's events were classified as Olympic.

golf greenResults

Men 1900

  1. Charles Sands USA
  2. Walter Rutherford GBR
  3. David Robertson GBR

Women 1900

  1. Margaret Abbott USA
  2. Pauline 'Polly' Whittier
  3. USA Daria Pratt USA

Men 1904

  1. George Lyon CAN
  2. Chandler Egan USA
  3. Burt McKinne USA

Men's Team 1904

  1. 1904 United States (Western Golf Association)
  2. United States (Trans Mississippi Golf Association)
  3. United States (United States Golf Association)



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