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Cycling Races at the 1906 Olympic Games

There were six cycling events held at the 1906 intercalated games (not officially an Olympic Games). The cycling road race is still on the sporting program for the current Olympic Games. The discontinued events are One-Lap 1/3km Race, 1km sprint, 2000m Tandem, 5km track race, and the 20km track race.

One-Lap Time Trial (1/3 km)

  1. Francesco Verri (ITA)
  2. Herbert Crowther (GBR)
  3. Henri Menjou (FRA)

1000 Metre Sprint

  1. Francesco Verri ITA 1:42.2
  2. Herbert Bouffler GBR
  3. Eugene Doubougnie BEL

2000m Tandem (more about the 2000m Tandem)

  1. John Matthews and Arthur Rushen (GBR)
  2. Bruno Götze and Max Götze (GER)
  3. Karl Arnold and Otto Küpferling (GER)

5000 Metres

  1. Francesco Verri ITA 7:28.6
  2. Herbert Crowther GBR
  3. Fernand Vast FRA

20,000 Metres

  1. William Pett GBR 29:00
  2. Maurice Bardonneau FRA 29:30
  3. Fernand Vast FRA 29:32

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