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Cycling Races at the 1900 Olympic Games

Of the numerous cycling events that were held as part of the World's Fair in Paris, three are currently considered 'olympic': the 25km, 5km points race and 2km sprint. There is currently a sprint race held at the Olympic Games, though over a shorter distance.

2000 Metre Sprint

  1. Georges Taillandier FRA 2:52.0
  2. Fernand Sanz FRA
  3. John Henry Lake USA

5 km Points Race

  1. Enrico Brusoni (ITA) 21 points
  2. Karl Duill (GER) 9 points
  3. Louis Trousselier (FRA) 9 points

25,000 Metres

  1. Louis Bastien FRA 25:36.2
  2. Louis Hildebrand FRA 28:09.4
  3. Auguste Daumain FRA 29:36.2

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