Standing Triple Jump

The standing triple jump was held at the 1900 and 1904 Olympic Games. As with the conventional triple jump that is in the current Olympic Track and Field Program, the event is composed of three phases: the hop, the step and the jump. In the standing version of this event, no run up is allowed.

The winner is the competitor who achieves the greatest distance out of all of three attempts. As with all the standing jump events at the Olympics, this event was won by the legendary Ray Ewry.



1 Ray Ewry (USA) 10.58 m
2 Irving Baxter (USA) 9.95 m
3 Robert Garrett (USA) 9.50 m


1 Ray Ewry (USA) 10.54
2 Charles King (USA) 10.16
3 Joseph Stadler (USA) 9.60

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