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Greek-Style Discus Throw

Greek-style discus throw was a variation of the discus throwing event that was conducted as a part of the athletics discipline during the 1906 intercalated games and in the 1908 Olympic games. The event was included with the intent to replicate the ancient discus throwing event. In competition, athletes were required to stand on a pedestal and throw the implement with a certain technique that was similar to the technique used in ancient times.

At the 1906 Athens Intercalated games, Verner Järvinen of Finland took the gold medal. The silver medal went to Nikolaos Georgantas of Greece, and the bronze medal went to István Mudin of Hungary. The greek-style discus was also part of the Pentathlonevent in 1906.

greek style discus throw\In the 1908 London Olympics, athletes from the United States had a resounding success picking two out of the three top medals. Martin Sheridan from the United States won the gold medal and Bill Horr also from the United States won the silver medal. Verner Järvinen of Finland, who had won the gold during the 1906 intercalated games was not able to repeat his success and had to settle for the bronze medal.

The Greek-style discuss throw event was however discontinued from the Olympics program after the 1908 games in favor of the current version of discus throw.

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