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Table Tennis at the Commonwealth Games

Table Tennis is a Commonwealth Games sport. It has been on the program since 2002, though it was a demonstration sport twenty years earlier in 1982.

Current Competition

1982 Table Tennis Demonstration

Only two teams participated in the table tennis demonstration in Brisbane 1982 - Australia and Hong Kong. Each team comprised three players, two men and one woman. The Australian team included Paul Pinkewich, Bob Tuckett, and Denise Millikan. The Hong Kong team included Chiu Man Kuen and Vong Iu Veng.

The competition was held in the Chandler Badminton Stadium, and included seven matches, starting with two men's singles, then the women's singles, men's doubles, mixed doubles, and finishing with the two reverse men's singles.

(source: Table Tennis Newsletter, issued by the Australian Table Tennis Association, Vol. 22 no.4, October 1982)

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