Activating BodyByte

IMPORTANT NOTE: You cannot activate BodyByte from these web pages. You can only do it from the installed BodyByte program user interface.

You can only activate BodyByte after having you have downloaded and installed thew BodyByte software on your computer, and then using the provided link directly from the BodyByte Main Console. This will automatically invoke your default web browser, and connect you to the BodyByte secure activation pages.
Activation of BodyByte standard version is free, with absolutely no charge of any kind, no time-limited expiry or any other nasty surprises. Free in this instance means absolutely free. Activating the BodyByte Pro version is not free, and you will be directed to fully secure payment pages to complete the transaction for BodyByte Pro.
After successful activation you will be issued with a unique Activation Code which is used to activate BodyByte. No further downloads will be required.

If you have not done so yet, Download your choice of BodyByte country edition and proceed to activate it at absolutely no charge or obligation. Try it out, you have nothing to lose.


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