Katsutoshi Nekoda : Volleyball

Katsutoshi Nekoda (猫田 勝敏, February 1, 1944 – September 4, 1983) was a professional Japanese volleyball player from Hiroshima. He represented Japan in the Olympics in 1964, 1968, 1972 and 1976. He was part of the Men’s National Volleyball Team as a setter. In 1980, he retired and three years later passed away of stomach cancer.

Greatest Sporting Achievements

Katsutoshi Nekoda and his teammates won one bronze at the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, one silver for the 1968 Mexico Olympics and one gold for the 1972 Munich Olympics.

Why Was He So Good?

Nekoda represented his country and helped win Japan three medals as a setter for Japan’s Men’s National Team.

What You Might Not Know

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